About Us

PapertoCloth is a small creative business making unique and inspiring handmade gifts and accessories for you and your home, right here in the UK.

Created in 2012 by designer Toni Cooper. After 20 years designing for major high street retailers and brands in the UK and Europe, Toni turned her experience and knowledge to create PapertoCloth. A brand inspired by a love for beautiful and individually crafted objects, motivated by a passion for creating unique products, PapertoCloth offers a gift orientated collection for those more individually minded customers looking for something more unique rather than mass produced.

With emphasis on detail each product is lovingly hand crafted using sumptuous textures and tactile trims to create individual and beautiful product. As all are hand made some trims & lining prints may vary and therefore no two products will be truly the same.

Many of the products on our site can be made in alternative colours & sometimes sizes as special orders. If you have something specific in mind, you can contact us using our contact us form or email us at enquiries@papertocloth.co.uk

We regularly add new products and hope you enjoy exploring our store....